Magento is the leading open source E-commerce platform providing a flexible and feature-rich solution to meet a wide range of business needs.

Managed Magento Hosting


Are you an online e-commerce entrepreneur? Then you most likely know that the best and most trusted platform is Magento. The next question should be; who do you host with? It is obvious that in today’s business world trying to acquire the entire IT infrastructure needed for such a commercial venture is both expensive and pointless. Therefore, the best option is to work with a cloud service provider who will give you value for your investment. That provider is TD web services.

TD web services offers you a cost effective, highly reliable and scalable platform to power your online shop. With us you get:

Speed and Efficiency

Our light weight and high performance components will bring you incomparable speeds. We know that your customers need to have a good experience on your site and we give you the ability to offer them just that. At TD Web Services we are inspired by the ever evolving needs of the ICT sector and as such we ensure we have the latest technology so as to offer top notch services.


Only pay for what you use. With the highly fluctuating and often seasonal online market this is definitely an added advantage. It facilitates for market peaks and off-peaks without unnecessary expenses. Our solutions are tailored to accommodate traffic fluctuations, so the infrastructure supports all your needs.

24/7/365 in-house expert support

Most hosting providers will claim they offer full time support. Our pride is expert Magento specialised personnel, not outsourced from any third party whatsoever. They guide you through selecting, installing and application of your Magento solution to getting the most out of it.

1-Click Installation and Developer Control

With one click on your mouse, we have your Magento ecommerce platform up and Running. Everything is entirely in your hands. You may opt to have our experts run the platform for you, leaving you time to focus on your core business. You are also able to run it yourself if you so desire.

Free and Fast Migration

The transition to our cloud is very rapid and extremely hassle free. Additionally, we have made it absolutely free to move. Our highly efficient personnel will make sure that migration TD Web services is absolutely seamless.

99.9% Uptime

Your website has to be open for business always. We can guarantee 99.9% uptime, with our experts online to help maintain this. We make sure you don’t have to worry about down time ever again.

Load Balancing

Customers do not want to wait around while your page loads. We understand this and hence make sure that as soon as they click, they get to where they want. We offer nothing less.


We provide solutions that can help you with your PCI compliance needs by providing dedicated infrastructure and third-party payment gateways, and facilitate your focus on your core business.

Magento Expertise – PCI Compliance and SSL

We provide you with infrastructure and solution requirements that not only reduce the scope but also the complexity of your compliance efforts.  Our readily available SSL certificates can be included within any of our hosting plans.


Look forward to:

  • Free Magento Install
  • Free Domain Name
  • SSD technology
  • Free Magento Transfer
  • Free Daily Backup
  • 24/7 Help via Phone/Chat/Ticket
  • Magento Optimized Server

Magento is the leading open source E-commerce platform providing a flexible and feature-rich solution to meet a wide range of business needs. As a Magneto Hosting Partner we offer a wide range of support towards setting up your store. TD Web Services Magento-optimized hosting solutions provide you with maximum performance, reliability, and security for your mission-critical e-commerce operations.

Magento Cloud Hosting
Features Magento Basic Magento Starter Magento Business Magento Enterprise
Updates (Themes and Plug-ins) Monthly Weekly Weekly Daily
Update Magento Core Monthly Weekly Weekly Daily
Speed Test Monthly Weekly Weekly Daily
Backups (Local and Remote) Daily Daily Daily Daily
Security Configuration Included Included Included Included
Free SSL Certificate Included Included Included Included
Site Optimization Included Included Included Included
Cache and Cache Optimization Included Included Included Included
Redis Cache & Memcached NA NA Included Included
OS and MySQL Optimized Server Included Included Included Included
Security Scans (Antivirus and Malware) Weekly Weekly Daily Daily
Uptime Guaranty 99.990% 99.990% 99.999% 99.999%
Monthly SEO Report NA NA Included Included
Storage 10GB 20GB 50GB 75GB
SSD Storage RAID10 SSD Storage RAID10 SSD Storage RAID10 SSD Storage RAID10 SSD Storage
Monthly Bandwidth 100GB 200GB 500GB 1500GB
GigaBit Port NA NA Yes Yes
RAID (Battery Backed RAID Card) RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10
SSL Certificate Standard Standard WildCard WildCard
Dedicated IP Address No Yes Yes Yes
Additional Management/Support No 2Hrs 2Hrs 5Hrs
Price/Month $55 $95 $175 $250
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