Build and test your apps and processes in an environment where you can closely manage costs.

SaaS Hosting Solutions


We’ll manage your infrastructure and let you focus on what’s important to you. If you are fresh in the SaaS market, you might have to test your apps and processes in an environment where you can closely manage costs With our wide range of services, we can you customize best-fit for your app and our support will provide all the service you need to migrate, build, and manage the environment you imagined.

Scalable, Elastic and Flexible

Customize all aspects of our virtual servers. Being fully customizable, upgrading or downgrading resource allocations, selecting operating system, or specify what level of managed services that you may need with incredible granularity. You can alter configurations of any server at any time as they are completely custom and fluid.

Only pay for what you use

Our resource-based billing, is such that you pay only for computing resources that your organization uses and nothing more. Turn resources up and down monthly to manage your costs actively. There is also a monthly discounted rate for more consistent workloads.

Run your applications faster

All-SSD Storage offers guaranteed performance stability. This ensures consistent great user experience and hassle-free hosting.

  • Fuelled by SolidFire SSD Block Storage
  • Burstable IOPS for high performance
  • Dedicated IOPS guaranteed QoS

SaaS Hosting Solutions

Why should you consider using SaaS?

Benefits of SaaS include: easier administration, automated update and patch management, saving essentially invaluable time to developers and entrepreneurs. Everyone runs the same software version, simplifying collaboration. With that said, the SaaS is becoming increasingly popular and it’s slowly becoming the standard in the web development industry, which is transforming this delivery model as one of the most trending technologies in the web service business.

Ideal Uses


Public cloud infrastructure creates a firm base for SaaS solutions. This is as a result of their ability to scale resources rapidly and help SaaS firms when it comes to intense resource workloads, such as pushing out patches or handling large periods of growth.

Develop new applications

Having a great idea for an app is only half the battle! Develop, test, Deploy, and Market your app, and keep your costs low not worrying about hardware upgrades and maintenance. Stay completely focused on your code, infrastructure is taken care by TDWS.

Migrate existing apps to the cloud

Why spend valuable time focusing on SaaS infrastructure, when you can focus on aspects that matter most, like further app development and concrete marketing? Migrate to TDWS today and experience unrivaled quality.

Your application can have cloud-based extensions

It is really simple to make isolated, cloud-based extensions of your current product. Gaining skill in running software in the cloud you also limit investment needed to run your business. You can only benefit with our security and reliability.