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It has been a long standing habit for hackers to apply malware to dominate PC’s, however Oscar Salazar and Rob Ragan had a different mindset. They set out to explore the available computing resources rather than the traditional approach of stealing computing resources. Salazar and Ragan will be revealing next month in Las Vegas how they put together a botnet with freemium accounts and free trials within online application-hosting services. These are mainly used by coders in testing and development to avoid purchasing storage or their individual servers. The duo generated distinctive email addresses and signups for the free accounts in bulk by automating the process and subsequently bring together a cloud-based botnet of approximately a thousand computers. That Salazar and Ragan believe their creation may have been even legal given that it was adept at initiating synchronized cyberattacks, excavating hundreds of dollars of cryptocurrency and even cracking passwords is just a tip off the iceberg. Ragan who works with alongside Salazar as a researcher for the security consultancy Bishop Fox said, “We essentially built a supercomputer for free, we’re definitely going to see more malicious activity coming out of these services.” Many players such as CloudBees, Heroku, Google, and […]

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