TD Web Services

We rely on service to set ourselves apart from the competition.

TD Web Services was founded with a simple philosophy in mind: provide the best quality service and support to customers. Since then, we have refined our mission to provide exceptional service, not just servers. We realize that our customers have many choices when it comes to web hosting and we want our service to set us apart from the competition.

Our goal is to consistently wow the customers with our personable, timely, and accurate services. We strive to educate our customers and give them the ability to help themselves.

TD Web Services

Emphasize Quality. Customer Service.

We feel that the best customer experience is offered by focusing on the customer’s perspective. We design all our products and services with customer satisfaction in mind. Ease of use and clarity in presentation are some of the key factors to our success, and we enjoy providing our customers with this rewarding experience every day.

It’s easy to get caught up with industry buzzwords, business fads, and constant technological changes. At TD Web Services, we work hard to ensure our customers are treated like people and not like domain names or account numbers. Similarly, we do everything in our power to encourage growth and learning among our customers and employees, and foster our active and vibrant customer community.

TD Web Services relies on service to set itself apart from the competition. Period. As a result, we are and have to be dedicated to providing the best possible service and support possible – both externally and internally. Our goal is to consistently wow the customer with our personable, timely, and accurate service. We also strive to educate our customers and give them the ability to help themselves whenever possible.

We do not want to compromise on quality in any way, shape, or form. Maintaining a constant commitment to quality is not easy, but we understand that providing the highest quality products and services to our customers is key to long-term success in our highly competitive industry. And as part of our commitment to quality, we realize that good isn’t good enough and that we must be continuously improving in order to stay competitive.

TD Web Services is different and we work hard to stay different. We do this by staying honest with our customers and acting with the utmost integrity, hiring most knowledgeable and awesome people we can, and empowering our people – both our customers and our employees – to take the action they need in order to achieve their respective goals. And we work hard to do all of this with a smile and a bit of classic geek charm.

Web hosting isn’t easy. To make it easier for our customers, we try to be flexible, patient, and stable as a company and as individuals. In addition, we place a tremendously high value on stability and security – two absolutely essential components of web hosting.

We do things differently.

Finally, an honest hosting company.

We don’t promise “unlimited plans” that are actually hindered by hidden limitations. Instead, you’re only responsible for paying for the resources you need. Whether you’re just starting your own blog, or you’re running a powerful e-commerce site, we have a plan for you. We have the Lowest Account concentration per server.

We also respect your time. We’re not going to send you a hundred emails trying to upsell you on different products, and our website isn’t cluttered with marketing videos. Occasionally, we’ll contact a small portion of customers and ask them to respond to our customer service survey. It is important for us to continually measure our customer satisfaction by asking you, the customer, whether or not you feel like we’re doing the best job we can.

All of our customer engagement opportunities are strictly opt-in. You are welcome to receive our newsletter, read our blog, collaborate on our message forum, or connect with us over social media. We promise to keep all of our content short and relevant. Occasionally, we will host contests, giveaways, and announce sales.

What Our Customers Say

We’ve helped thousands of clients with our professional, custom server solutions, enabling
them to operate much more efficiently and securely than they ever did before.

  • Justin Kingsley
    What matters to me in cloud storage is: performance, access, location, portability, problem identification and resolution and most importantly, ending or exiting services that is transitioning processes, to make sure everything comes back and it's securely disposed. I am very pleased with you so far on all fronts.
    Justin Kingsley
  • Ernex Ngahu
    TD Web Services is highly professional. For anyone in search of a new hosting provider, they have diverse solutions. Their cloud is so ideal for me and my clients. We have organized additional storage.
    Ernex Ngahu
  • Alison Parker
    Cost saving out of this world! Having a group of small ventures meant we needed to accommodate growth for them. The cost implications were not favorable until Mark (support) at TD Web Services recommended the cloud solution! Now as each venture grows we can adjust to suit its needs.
    Alison Parker
  • Marcos Device
    As a small business we do not have an IT department. However, we enjoy the cloud accessibility provided by TD Web Services. My team can work from across the globe and it’s as if we are in one room! Keep it up!!
    Marcos Device
  • Stephen Ford
    I think am most impressed with their recovery and flexibility. I migrated servers with no downtime. Imagine that. I am thoroughly impressed.
    Stephen Ford
  • Christian Mogase
    I think when you need extraordinary performance and total reliability, use their dedicated services. I have been with them 12 months now and I can say it has been the smoothest sailing of my 4 years in this industry.
    Christian Mogase
  • Fin Davis
    Having 99.99% uptime, is the absolute best thing. Especially when the support is always on standby in case of anything. I honestly cannot get over how relieving it has been working with you guys.
    Fin Davis
  • Diane Simmons
    Their dedicated servers come with all OS imaginable! I can get the variety depending on the needs of my customers. This has given me such great diversity. I love it!
    Diane Simmons
  • Lisa Buchmann
    Since I've switched I no longer have to worry about hosting. My site is reliable, secure and fast. I know my site is in good hands -- allowing me to focus on our users.
    Lisa Buchmann
  • Pierre Eustache Chardavoine
    Thank you again, Daniel! I am now proud promoting TD Web Services! I'll highlight how fast the support is on my website!
    Pierre Eustache Chardavoine
  • Kevin Newman
    When our website, hosted elsewhere previously was not up for a day and support kept sending me the same email with no progress, I was done! After a friend recommended TD web Services, I moved the site and never looked back. We have now grown to three different sub-companies and all are hosted with TD Web Services.
    Kevin Newman
  • Eric Brennan
    I don’t know what I would have done without the support. Your support is excellent and capable. Set up and completed everything in less than an hour. Kudos and I have found a home.
    Eric Brennan