TDWS Global Infrastructure

Explore TDWS Data Centers in Global Market

TDWS Global Infrastructure

Explore TDWS Data Centers in Global Market

73+ Data Centers

90+ POPs Across Globe

28+ Metropolitan Markets

99.999% Uptime

10+ TBPS Bandwidth

2000+ ISPs

10GE & 100GE Uplinks

TDWS Network

TDWS redundant network connects to the world's most important Internet exchanges, ensuring fast website access and unrivaled performance. We also offers up to 10+ TBPS of bandwidth capacity, with a core network uptime of 99.999%, enables you to flexibly scale as you grow.

Tier 1 Internet Backbone

Each border router (BR) is connected to multiple Tier 1 internet backbones, such as Telia, Tata, Cogent, GTT, Zayo, and NTT. This contributes to network availability and performance.

Global Network Peering

With TDWS Global Network we establish direct connectivity from major data centers directly to major internet hubsaround the world.


Both our internal and public networks have a fully redundant architecture. There is no single point of failure, and above that, we use a dual-vendor policy on border routers (BR's).

Private Network

Any server or rack at our datacenters connects to a separate internal network. This enables data exchange at a low cost, with low latency, avoiding exposure to cyber crime risk on the internet.

North America

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Asia Pacific

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Floating IP

TDWS enables its customers to assign hosting services in a flexible way & build a high availability setups. That's why we have deployed a floating IP with our hybrid cloud offering.

DDoS Protection

We protect all our hosting services with a standard DDoS IP Protection service. Also, we offer customized DDoS IP Protection services that provide accelerated detection and enhanced protection.


TDWS Global Monitoring System (GMS) keep an eye on each and every services including Disk IO, Real User Monitoring, Transaction Monitoring and much more.

Software Defined Networks

To enable the fastest delivery of new services, we have deployed Software Defined Networks (SDN) technology to automate such delivery – contributing to the flexibility our customers need.

Automated Audits

To further enhance availability while keeping operating costs low, we keep standardizing and automating the configuration of networks – while deploying automated audits to spot and correct deviations.

24x7 Network Operations Teams

To ensure maximum performance and fast responses to incidents, we have deployed 24x7 Network Operations teams in multiple regions.

Physical Security

TD Web Services facilities feature a wide-range of advanced security measures, including security guards, bio-metric access control, man-traps, closed-circuit television, access control systems, locking cabinets, and more.

Enterprise-Class Electrical Systems

TD Web Services facilities feature redundant electrical systems, often are positioned on redundant power grids, and feature generators backed with enterprise-class UPS technology.

Advanced Environmental Controls

TD Web Services facilities feature industry-leading technologies for maintaining optimal operating environmental control. This includes cooling and humidity control to maintain optimal operations.