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Scalable, Elastic, Flexible

Develop your ideas and scale out your application.

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Combine dedicated and cloud servers for security and scalability. The future of cloud hosting today.

Scalable, Elastic and Flexible

Customize all aspects of our virtual servers. Being fully customizable, upgrading or downgrading resource allocations, selecting operating system, or specify what level of managed services that you may need with incredible granularity. You can alter configurations of any server at any time as they are completely custom and fluid.

Only pay for what you use

Our resource-based billing, is such that you pay only for computing resources that your organization uses and nothing more. Turn resources up and down monthly to manage your costs actively. There is also a monthly discounted rate for more consistent workloads.

Run your applications faster

All-SSD Storage offers guaranteed performance stability. This ensures consistent great user experience and hassle-free hosting.

  • Fuelled by SolidFire SSD Block Storage
  • Burstable IOPS for high performance
  • Dedicated IOPS guaranteed QoS

Control every feature of your server

The Apache Cloud Stack (ACS) enables you to manage your Cloud from within our user friendly control panel. With this we have most robust, easy-to-use, enterprise-class cloud computing platform in the industry.

Industry Class Security

Every server deployed is secure from the onset. Our security features include fundamental physical, network, account, server, and application security options. You can add advanced security features to your devices if the need to arises.

On-Demand Deployment

With our solid customer SLA, you are guaranteed that the TDWS Cloud Servers will get online on demand. Our average TDWS Cloud Server deployment time recorded has been exemplary.

TDWS Cloud Server Solution



  • CPU: 2 vCPU
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: 50 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 10 TB
  • Port Speed: 1 GBPS
  • IP Address: 1
  • * 36 month term



  • CPU: 4 vCPU
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 100 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 10 TB
  • Port Speed: 1 GBPS
  • IP Address: 1
  • * 36 month term



  • CPU: 6 vCPU
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 200 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 10 TB
  • Port Speed: 1 GBPS
  • IP Address: 1
  • * 36 month term



  • CPU: 8 vCPU
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Storage: 400 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 10 TB
  • Port Speed: 1 GBPS
  • IP Address: 1
  • * 36 month term



  • CPU: 12 vCPU
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Storage: 800 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 10 TB
  • Port Speed: 1 GBPS
  • IP Address: 1
  • * 36 month term



  • CPU: 16 vCPU
  • RAM: 48 GB
  • Storage: 1200 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 10 TB
  • Port Speed: 1 GBPS
  • IP Address: 1
  • * 36 month term



  • CPU: 20 vCPU
  • RAM: 64 GB
  • Storage: 1600 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 10 TB
  • Port Speed: 1 GBPS
  • IP Address: 1
  • * 36 month term



  • CPU: 20 vCPU
  • RAM: 96 GB
  • Storage: 2000 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 10 TB
  • Port Speed: 1 GBPS
  • IP Address: 1
  • * 36 month term

On-Demand Cloud Server

This service allows you to create cloud servers on demand. Elasticity functions as well as a wide range of instances will allow you to create the servers your applications need, whether they are Big data, ERP, website or anything.

TDWS Cloud Server Solution

CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Port Speed IP Starting From Order Now!
1 vCPU 1GB 25GB SSD 2TB 1 GBps 1 IP Address $20/Month Customize
2 vCPU 2GB 50GB SSD 3TB 1 GBps 1 IP Address $40/Month Customize
4 vCPU 4GB 100GB SSD 4TB 1 GBps 1 IP Address $80/Month Customize
6 vCPU 8GB 200GB SSD 8TB 1 GBps 1 IP Address $160/Month Customize
8 vCPU 16GB 400GB SSD 16TB 1 GBps 1 IP Address $320/Month Customize
12 vCPU 32GB 800GB SSD 20TB 1 GBps 1 IP Address $640/Month Customize
16 vCPU 48GB 1200GB SSD 20TB 1 GBps 1 IP Address $960/Month Customize
20 vCPU 64GB 1600GB SSD 20TB 1 GBps 1 IP Address $1280/Month Customize
20 vCPU 96GB 2000GB SSD 20TB 1 GBps 1 IP Address $1920/Month Customize

Apache CloudStack cloud hosting with the stability of dedicated servers

TDWS Cloud Servers are powered by Apache CloudStack, open source cloud computing with over 12,000 developers worldwide. Using SolidFire SSD Storage, we fuel your servers with Burstable IOPS. This guarantees performance stability even when faced with workloads spike.

Host On Own Cloud

All our public cloud and private cloud hosting services are all entirely hosted in our green data centers.

  • Public and private cloud hosting
  • Entirely hosted on our servers
  • Fully powered by renewable energy

Bring Your Ideas To Life

TDWS Cloud Servers can be scaled according to workload. So you can develop your idea, then scale out your application.

  • Quickly deploy, scale and close servers
  • Independently scale RAM & Storage
  • Pay-per-use Linux & Windows hosting


Solutions, Support, Expertise… Whatever you need.

Cloud hosting with TD Web Services is not only about progressive cloud computing and technology. We commit to helping your organization achieve its goals and ambitions by treating you individually. We offer custom solutions, specialist expertise and a variety of services specifically tailored to your requirements. Our vast and highly developed IaaS expertise boasts a team of incredibly skilled, friendly, passionate techno savvy staff. What makes us different is our flexibility and devotion to helping you.

We believe that your unique business and objectives deserve unique cloud hosting service. Let’s chat and see how we can help your organization.

Monitor Your Cloud Server

TDWS Global Monitoring System will help you keep an eye of your website’s visitors and transactions. Make sure you know about hiccups and downtime of your website before your audience and customers! The Accounts on the servers are now being actively monitored across all Geo-locations using TDWS GMS!

Ideal Uses

The pliability of the cloud provides the perfect backdrop for e-commerce workloads. E-commerce solutions in the cloud have reduced costs. They may also be expanded to meet increased demands, whether planned sudden spikes in growth.

Public cloud infrastructure creates a firm base for SaaS solutions. This is as a result of their ability to scale resources rapidly and help SaaS firms when it comes to intense resource workloads, such as pushing out patches or handling large periods of growth.

Public cloud servers provide a stable and powerful platform for developing applications. With rapid provisioning, developers can spin testing environments in seconds. Build up, tear down, and store data for later; the public cloud empowers development teams with much needed computing agility.

A cloud environment creates a platform that is disaster recovery ready due to its decentralized nature. Once you add on geo-load balancing, there is a disaster recovery solution that spanning continents.

There is a widespread range of benefits that come with cloud-sourced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), over the more traditional approaches. Enterprise cloud solution with ERPs operating within, offer a fast standardized means of deploying. These solutions offer lower IT costs, anyplace availability, increased teamwork and report syncing unlike in traditional approaches.

Application developers can now create clones of their applications and test their ability to perform under load. Once the testing is done you can be done away with it. This has all been facilitated by the clouds infrastructure and environment. This is their ability to be built up, tested and discarded quickly. One can even compare servers e.g. Ubuntu server and Windows server, by building them both up and testing them side by side and discarding the one you do not prefer.

A significant benefit of the quick build, test and discard is the ability to create short term projects. One can use various short term scenarios e.g. simple web presence or micro-site for a couple of months. You build one up on TDWS cloud, use it for that period, then take it down (or save it potentially for later use). Also, projects with short takeoff can straightaway find success in deploying cloud environments. You can be up and running in minutes/hours.

One of the greatest advantages of the cloud is scalability. Given the right architecture, one can set up a multi-tiered environment. This will have front-end elasticity all the while having a protected back-end for the larger database servers. In this scenario, fi the front end, e.g. application and web servers need to increase in capacity, you may scale them up to meet demand and scale it back when the need subsides. Here you have no underutilizing of infrastructure and you only pay for what you use.

With the millions of ideas that we have every day, you do not have to plunk down scarce money as capital. Sound out your idea on TDWS cloud, and gauge if you are getting the traction you hoped for. This will cost significantly less as you pitch to your potential investors. It is also more reliable than the server in your garage.

The best way to take the risk out of demand fluctuations is to automatically scale your application up and down according to demand, you keep your customers happy and save money. This is especially in a time when marketing promotions can be a tricky undertaking. Balancing infrastructure to suit traffic forecasts is an extreme necessity. This will also save money and increase ROI, especially when you have a budget that you can work alongside.

TDWS Cloud puts a lot of on demand resources at your fingertips. As a result it can be easy to blow your budget if you are not paying attention. For the development of web apps, games and mobile Apps, it is best to visualize and forecast your usage of the cloud to keep your usage down Cloud analytics is a great way to do this and it is found on the cloud.

The immediate access to high performance compute consumed on a short term basis is one of the best things about TDWS Cloud. Large quantities of data can be crunched using high-performance cloud environments. It takes only a few days or even hours, to set it up. Especially if these cloud environments are saved for future use, and the resulting costs are a fraction of what traditional environments would be.

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