Why Choose TDWS?

Solution. Support. Expertise.

Everything you need to be successful online.

73+ Data Centers

90+ POPs Across Globe

28+ Metropolitan Markets

99.999% Uptime

10+ TBPS Bandwidth

2000+ ISPs

10GE & 100GE Uplinks


Service Beyond Support means that our entire team is invested in creating a better experience for your business. Have an issue? Have a question? Need someone to bounce an idea off? For us, service is much bigger than support. It starts before you are a customer and transcends the typical structure for something better. We have a team of knowledgeable staff and engineers available 24/7/365 to help you with whatever you may need. We do not outsource our support to any third parties, so you will always be in contact with one of our staff members.

Everything You Need to be Successful Online

Ever had a friend with all the hookups? Well, we’re that friend. We offer everything you need to get online and package it inside our enterprise infrastructure. Getting unlimited hosting in the same place as the big boys means your website is more resilient, more secure, much faster and always up.

Enterprise Power for Small Business

We have big clients with big needs so, as a result, you benefit with a website hosted in an infrastructure built for the big boys. You could call it piggybacking but we call it uptime, speed and reliability.

Switch with Ease

From little to big, simple to complex, we offer all you need to get online and keep the ball rolling. Need email? We got that. E-commerce tools? Got those. Flexible cloud? Yep. Robust servers? Check. Whatever your need there’s no reason to establish a new relationship; that’s why those who come here, stay here. In fact, we’d love to help you get started now by working with you to transfer all of your files from your previous web hosting provider for free; check our complementary Switch service.

Highly Available

Meeting the security requirements set out by financial institutions is no small task but knowing your website files are kept in a data center that meets those demands is comforting to say the least. In addition, we know nothing matters more than reliability so our team of highly trained IT professionals watch over your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ve been called geeks, techies and nerds but we prefer to go by uptime focused.

Manage Everything in One Place

With an all-purpose control panel it’s easy to manage everything about your website from one place, with one login. Keep hosting accounts, email addresses, billing info, and more, organized with automatic renewal so you never risk losing your online presence simply from being confused.

Server Management, Technical Support, Private Cloud Solution - Everything You Need!