Virtual Private Cloud

Your virtual private cloud within TDWS cloud

A virtual private cloud service that provides an isolated cloud network to operate resources in a highly secure environment. Built to scale for the needs of any application. Quick to deploy and easy to manage, TDWS VPC is an enterprise-class computing environment that offers flexibility and cost-efficiency without compromising security.

Why Choose TDWS Virtual Private Cloud

Our Virtual Private Cloud solutions are specially designed to meeta wide range of applications and business needs.

Engineered Scale

We rightsize your private environment so you don’t have to pay for the resources you don’t require.


Expanded capability

Our cloud management portal makes it simple to monitor and control your resources within highly secured network.



TDWS VPC lets you increase the IP space of any subnets without any workload shutdown or downtime.


Flexible Business Growth

Control the size of your virtual network, dynamically deploy virtual servers, storage and networking cloud resources as per your need.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

VPC adds to the security capabilities of the TDWS Cloud and creates more secure environments for application workloads and data.


Trusted Business Response

Expand your loyal customer community with the high availability and responsiveness of resilient business applications.


TDWS Virtual Private Cloud is a logically isolated environment deployed on a multitenant platform, providing scale and flexibility without compromising security.

TDWS VPC Architect

TDWS VPC Features


Scale cloud infrastructure resources — including virtual Servers, storage, and networking in logically isolated virtual network segments that adapt to your business needs.


Protect your business with highly secured private virtual networks that give you control over how your cloud resources and workloads are accessed, and who can access them.


Availability of zones with redundant resources and no shared points of failure to keep your enterprise workloads and cloud-native applications available to customers.

VPC Subnets

Subnets are the foundational building blocks used to deploy cloud resources in your public cloud VPC. They are bound to a single zone and cannot span multiple zones or regions, which helps with security, reduces latency and improves availability.

Use Cases

1Host a simple, public-facing website

Host basic web application like blog or a simple website in a VPC, and gain the additional layers of privacy and security by TDWS VPC. You can help secure the website by creating security group rules which allow the webserver to respond to inbound HTTP and SSL requests from the Internet while simultaneously prohibiting the webserver from initiating outbound connections to the Internet.

2Host multi-tier web applications

Host multi-tier web applications and strictly enforce access and security restrictions between your web servers, application servers, and databases. Launch web servers in a publicly accessible subnet while running your application servers and databases in private subnets, so that application servers and databases cannot be directly accessed from the internet. You control access between the servers and subnets using inbound and outbound packet filtering provided by network access control lists and security groups.

3Extend your corporate network into the cloud

Move corporate applications to the cloud, launch additional web servers, or add more compute capacity to your network by connecting your VPC to your corporate network. Because your VPC can be hosted behind your corporate firewall, you can seamlessly move your IT resources into the cloud without changing how your users access these applications. You can select "VPC with a Private Subnet Only and Hardware VPN Access" from the Amazon VPC console wizard to create a VPC that supports this use case.

4Securely connect cloud applications to your datacenter

An IPsec VPN connection between your TDWS VPC and your corporate network encrypts all communication between the application servers in the cloud and databases in your data center. Web servers and application servers in your VPC can leverage Auto Scaling features to grow and shrink as needed. You can create a VPC to support this use case by selecting "VPC with Public and Private Subnets and Hardware VPN Access".

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