Almost 90% of businesses without a disaster recovery plan closes after a major disruption. Eliminate this risk with industry-leading Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solutions.

Achieve Business Continuity & Minimize Disruptions.

Our state-of-the-art technologies let you securely replicate your critical workloads to one of our global locations and restore them in a matter of minutes. With us you can resume your business operations in a matter of minutes to minimize disruptions and revenue loss.

DRaaS is critical for achieving business continuity. TDWS enables you to quickly recover your data after an outage, downtime or breach.

Automated recovery of Tier 1 applications from your DRaaS instance

Minimum downtime and impact on performance and user productivity

No need to invest in purchasing and dedicating new assets to DR

On Demand DRaaS

TDWS On-Demand DRaaS is a cost-efficient way to build redundancy into your infrastructure. It integrates seamlessly with our Virtual Private Cloud platform and features continuous replication. Pay only for the resources that you use during an actual failover event.

Dedicated DRaaS

TDWS Dedicated DRaaS is a robust service perfect for mission-critical applications or those with strict compliance requirements. Built on our Dedicated Private Cloud infrastructure, it accommodates complex architecture and advanced configurations equally well.

Reach Your Security and Compliance Goals

How Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service Helps you To Avoid Data Loss

Your DRaaS instance will keep the latest versions of your critical workloads on a secure server, enabling quick recovery. In case of accidental deletion, natural disasters, and human errors, you will be able to resume your operations in a matter of minutes. DRaaS enables you to:

Why Should You Consider DRaaS?

As an effective method of reaching data availability, DRaaS enables organizations of different sizes or verticals to meet a variety of business goals.

Compliance and Regulated Industries

Always-on availability is a requirement to achieve compliance in regulated industries. Our secure solutions help you meet this goal with reliable solutions.

Ecommerce, Hosting, and SaaS

Organizations with highly dynamic workloads and constantly growing audience can leverage DRaaS to provide exceptional experience to their customers.

Added Capacity for Critical Workloads

Organizations that already have some form of backup or disaster recovery solution can leverage cloud-based DRaaS to add capacity to their existing infrastructure without investing in hardware, licences, etc.

Ransomware Protection

With ransomare on the rise, organizations of all sizes need effective protection against attacker. DRaaS ensures you always have your latest data available so you would not have to pay ransom to save your business.

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