Cloud Monitoring for Public, Private or Hybrid Clouds

A powerful IT monitoring solution to help you track workloads, bottlenecks, availability and performance for your cloud applications and infrastructure.

Cloud Monitoring Solution

Supported Cloud Platforms

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

A cloud monitoring tool built for enterprise cloud ecosystems

TDWS GMS provides in-depth insights into the health and performance of your cloud infrastructure and allows IT adminstrators to create custom dashboards to monitor all nodes, servers and hosts.

Analyze various system and infrastructure parameters to ensure optimal performance for your applications and cloud resources.

Intelligent AWS Monitoring

Simplify cloud complexity by using an all-in-one platform to move beyond application performance monitoring.

TDWS GMS is built for monitoring your public, private and/or hybrid enterprise cloud ecosystems and helps with:

Full-stack Azure Cloud Monitoring

Monitor high-volume Azure SaaS, IaaS and PaaS production environments. Get detailed insights and metrics on the performance of your systems, applications and cloud resources.

Use TDWS GMS to:

Automated, Dynamic Cloud Monitoring

Monitoring your cloud environments is now radically simplified since TDWS GMS 1.6.

The already existing auto-discovery for services will be complemented by the Dynamic Configuration Daemon for hosts. This means no more manual adding and removing of hosts (e.g. your EC2 instances) into your monitoring — this will be done automatically by TDWS GMS.

You will thus benefit from an automatic detection, configuration and mapping of your hosts, services and nodes.

Reasons to choose TDWS GMS as your database monitoring tool

Compatible with almost anything

TDWS GMS supports the monitoring of almost every operating system: Linux, Windows, macOS, but also many other OS like BSD.

Ultra-scalable & Flexible

One TDWS GMS instance can monitor thousands of servers and can easily scale horizontally with our distributed monitoring setup.

Intelligent Monitoring

TDWS GMS intelligently discovers which metrics to monitor on your server without needing any additional configuration.

It's fast to get started

TDWS GMS enables you to go from zero to monitoring in less than 15 minutes. Installation is super easy and fast!

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