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Hybrid Cloud

TD Web Services offers a full range of infrastructure products and you can use any number or combination of them in your hybrid solution.

So what is hybrid cloud?

While the cloud brought with it lots of good tidings and hype in the business world, with time it was evident that something more was needed. Though the cloud has undisputable advantages it also has a few loopholes in terms of security since it is shared by multiple users. To be able to reap the benefits of the cloud and avoid the downside, hybrid cloud computing came into being. The hybrid cloud is what can be referred to as the best of both worlds; private and public.

On this platform you combine

Public Cloud

gives the ability to pay for only what you use due to its high scalability. Ideal for sites with lots or unpredictable traffic.

Private Cloud

allows for complete control of your site and for enhanced security as it is not shared.

Dedicated Servers

these unsure that you have ultrafast performance on your web site and reliability which assures minimum down times.

What We Offer

We have created a workable and flexible basis for this kind of blending. We will offer, manage and support the integration of these components. With our services an organisation can easily switch workloads between public cloud, private hosted cloud and private on-premise cloud. For example if you mainly use our private cloud but the amount of traffic at peak times overwhelms you, you could transfer to the public cloud some of the less sensitive data and be left with the sensitive matters on the private cloud whether ours or yours.

Hybrid and Multi-server Solutions

It’s the idea that the ideal infrastructure configuration for a business generally consists of more than just cloud. By combining bare metal with cloud infrastructure through one, unified, global platform, we’re able to deliver a better value than pure-play cloud. In Hybrid Environments, organisations the option to easily switch workloads between Dedicated Servers, Public Clouds and Private Clouds.

Key Advantages

Knowing that you are working with a reputable provider, one with a consumer base of over 20,000 users, you can worry about other things but definitely not our IT solutions. There are too many things to worry about, let your cloud provider not be one of them.

  • – Dedicated Servers: provides exemplary performance, speed and reliability.
  • – Security: with a dedicated firewall the security of your dedicated and cloud servers is assured.
  • – Scalability: with on-demand cloud servers you now have the ability to pay for only what you use and to increase capacity depending on your market demands.
  • – 4Hour SLA: We guarantee you the replacement of defective hardware within 4 hours maximum.
  • – 24/7/365 Dedicated Support: Our in-house tech team is at your disposal at all times. No Outsourcing.

Bare Metal and Cloud, Seamlessly Integrated

TD Web Services offers a full range of infrastructure products and you can use any number or combination of them in your hybrid solution. With native functionality, such as our out-of-band private network, our platform offers the flexibility you need to pick the right component for each aspect of your application. Build the right solution from the right building blocks.

Public Cloud

Public cloud instances can be deployed in minutes, destroyed in seconds, and scaled to be as small or large as needed.

Private Cloud

Private cloud combines the reliability and privacy of a dedicated server with the elasticity and redundancy of cloud computing.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers have long been the workhorse of the Internet. These devices are literally individual, physical computers that are used by only one client at a time.

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