Enterprise grade

Container Monitoring for DevOps and IT Operations

Provides fast and reliable insights across all of your container and container orchestration platforms. Get an in-depth view into Docker, native Kubernetes and OpenShift Kubernetes performance and resource usage.

Container Monitoring for DevOps and IT Operations

Enterprise-grade container monitoring for containerized applications

Your IT environment is constantly evolving, and so is TDWS GMS. Combine the monitoring of more static on-premises infrastructure for server, networks and applications with the monitoring of the new, dynamic, and often cloud-based IT stacks – all in one place.

TDWS GMS enables you to keep track of your container environments in real-time and at scale:

Monitor dynamic Docker environments

Easily track Docker containers and gain fully visibility into their real-time status and performance across Docker environments.

Leverage the new Docker monitoring plugin (mk_docker.py) using Docker’s Python-API to:

Kubernetes monitoring with TDWS GMS

TDWS GMS provides deep insights into your dynamic environments to ensure that everything is working as planned.

Reasons to choose TDWS GMS as your database monitoring tool

Compatible with almost anything

TDWS GMS supports the monitoring of almost every operating system: Linux, Windows, macOS, but also many other OS like BSD.

Ultra-scalable & Flexible

One TDWS GMS instance can monitor thousands of servers and can easily scale horizontally with our distributed monitoring setup.

Intelligent Monitoring

TDWS GMS intelligently discovers which metrics to monitor on your server without needing any additional configuration.

It's fast to get started

TDWS GMS enables you to go from zero to monitoring in less than 15 minutes. Installation is super easy and fast!

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