KVM Hypervisor Private Cloud

This is an enterprise-ready server virtualization and cloud computing platform. KVM supports a range of guest operating systems including Windows and Linux.

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KVM Server is one of the leading server virtualization and hypervisor management platforms. Operating on KVM Server lowers the total cost of ownership for desktop, cloud and server virtualization infrastructures. Consolidation and containment of workloads on KVM Server enables organizations of any size to transform their business compute infrastructures, tackling the IT datacenter challenges of today’s modern businesses.



  • E3-1230v2 3.3Ghz
  • 4Cores / 8Threads
  • 3.3 Ghz 8M
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2x1000GB SATA Storage
  • 1 Gbps unlimited Network
  • Basic Support
  • Host + Ping Monitoring



  • 2x E5-2620 2.00Ghz
  • 8Cores / 16Threads
  • 2x 2.0 Ghz 15M SmartCache
  • 32GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2x1000GB SATA Storage
  • 1 Gbps unlimited Network
  • Basic Support
  • Host + Ping Monitoring



  • 2x X5650 2.66Ghz
  • 12Cores / 24Threads
  • 2x 2.66Ghz 12M SmartCache
  • 32GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2x1000GB SATA Storage
  • 1 Gbps unlimited Network
  • Basic Support
  • Host + Ping Monitoring


What is a Private Cloud?

The wider availability of high-end servers has spurred the emergence of “Private Clouds” servers. Simply put, they are endowed with multi-core processors, extra memory, embedded hypervisors and more integrated I/O and are capable of handling the demands of server virtualization software with grace. As virtualization becomes more mainstream across both small and midsized enterprises, TD Web Services offers you the ability to shore up reliability, expand management options and ensure application performance.

Choice of Management

Select from a variety of server management plans.

4 Hour SLA

We guarantee you the replacement of defective hardware within 4 hours maximum.

Simplicity of Deployment

Virtual instances can be deployed in a record time.

Consolidate Hardware Configurations

Servers have more resources and power allowing you to reduce the amount of servers used.

Standardize all Operating Systems

Have all operating systems into one server for better flexibility and service.

Improve Availability, Recovery & Flexibility

Move virtual instances from one server to the other without any downtime.

Less Maintenance Required

Less servers and less complicated solutions means less support and maintenance required.

Save Time and Money

Reducing server infrastructure equals savings in your time and money spent on your hosting.

Increased ROI

Free up server resources to achieve maximum utilization and consolidation.

Lower Operating Risks

Reduce risk of operating on many levels, hardware, software, applications.

Get to Market Faster

Rapid deployment, low cost for users, flexibility will help you get to the market faster.

Increased Application Availability

Maintain application availability throughout both virtual machine migrations and unplanned failures.

Pro-active Monitoring

TDWS Global Monitoring System will help you keep an eye of your website’s visitors and transactions. Make sure you know about hiccups and downtime of your website before your audience and customers! The Accounts on the servers are now being actively monitored across all Geo-locations using TDWS GMS!

Check what our client says

"As a small business we do not have an IT department. However we enjoy the cloud accessibility provided by TD Web Services. My team can work from across the globe and it’s as if we are in one room! Keep it up!!"
- Marcos Device
"Cost saving out of this world! Having a group of small ventures meant we needed to accommodate growth for them. The cost implications were not favorable until Mark (support) at TD Web Services recommended the cloud solution! Now as each venture grows we can adjust to suit its needs."
- Alison Parker
"TD Web Services is highly professional. For anyone in search of a new hosting provider, they have diverse solutions.  Their cloud is so ideal for me and my clients. We have organized additional storage."
- Ernex Ngahu
"What matters to me in cloud storage is: performance, access, location, portability, problem identification and resolution and most importantly, ending or exiting services that is transitioning processes, to make sure everything comes back and it's securely disposed. I am very pleased with you so far on all fronts."
- Justin Kingsley

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