5 August 2014

Mobile Commerce on Hybrid Cloud on the Rise

A perfect storm is currently brewing for mobile commerce. Numerous factors are contributing to this excellent commercial situation for the technology. The first and most obvious […]
28 July 2014

The Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing has already become prominent in both the business world and in everyday life. Yet with most people still using traditional desktop set-ups, the level […]
19 July 2014

Tips for Successful Cloud Computing Implementation for Small Businesses

More and more small businesses are taking the plunge and investing in the increasingly popular phenomenon of cloud computing. But while some companies show an understandable […]
16 July 2014

The Ties Between the Cloud and Social Media

One of the key areas that businesses can benefit from where there is a clear intersection is between cloud computing and social media. These are two […]
15 July 2014

Factors to Consider When Setting Up Cloud Infrastructure

More and more businesses are seeking to set up cloud computing as part of their everyday operations. It is already becoming clear that the cloud will […]
11 July 2014

How Cloud Computing can Help with E-commerce

E-commerce has literally changed the world beyond all recognition. It seems almost incredulous now that when the embryonic dotcom companies were launched, certain supposed business experts […]
11 July 2014

How Do You Choose the Cloud Provider That’s Best for You?

So you’ve decided to make the decision to sign up for a cloud service – how do you decide which one to plump for? This can […]
9 July 2014

Does Cloud Computing Really Drive Business Agility?

There is no doubt that we live in a fast paced and constantly evolving world. The contemporary business environment is such that even small enterprises need […]
8 July 2014

Cloud Computing and the Opportunities for Small Businesses

The Internet itself has changed the way the overwhelming majority of people live their lives and do business, but it is a recent transformative technology that […]