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Some of the amazing features that we offer

TD Web Services delivers the powerful hosting solutions for businesses that’s very simple, secure, reliable and affordable.



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Highly Secured

Featured Hosting Plans For Small Businesses

With the latest technology in place, TDWS enables you to accommodate your project of any size, big or small with very ease. We take care of your IT requirements so you can focus more your on your business rather than worrying about your hosted infrastructure.

Business Hosting

Fast, secure and reliable hosting that grows with your business.

Enterprise Hosting

Hosting designed for e-commerce yet flexible enough for high traffic websites.


Designed and built with only performance and cost efficiency in mind.

Cloud Servers

Combine dedicated and cloud servers for security and scalability. The future of cloud hosting today.

Managed WP Hosting

Created for WordPress Developers, Designers, Agencies & Admins. The most complete, secure and versatile Hosting for your WordPress.

Optimized WP Hosting

Speed Obsessive Architect With dedicated resources and highly secured features in place, Our Architectures performance for WordPress hosting is unbeatable.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Scale Your Business With High Performance
Managed WooCommerce Hosting Platform


Choose dedicated server hosting for the ultimate in performance and control, from web hosting, enterprise or private cloud hosting.

Reasons To Choose TD Web Services

We take care of your IT requirements so you can focus more your on your business rather than worrying about your hosted infrastructure.

TDWS Global Infrastructure

Explore TDWS Data Centers in Global Market

Everything You Need to be Successful Online

Ever had a friend with all the hookups? Well, we’re that friend. We offer everything you need to get online and package it inside our enterprise infrastructure. Getting unlimited hosting in the same place as the big boys means your website is more resilient, more secure, much faster and always up.

Enterprise Power for Small Business

We have big clients with big needs so, as a result, you benefit with a website hosted in an infrastructure built for the big boys. You could call it piggybacking but we call it uptime, speed and reliability.

Switch with Ease

From little to big, simple to complex, we offer all you need to get online and keep the ball rolling. Need email? We got that. E-commerce tools? Got those. Flexible cloud? Yep. Robust servers? Check. Whatever your need there’s no reason to establish a new relationship; that’s why those who come here, stay here. In fact, we’d love to help you get started now by working with you to transfer all of your files from your previous web hosting provider for free; check our complementary Switch service.

Highly Available

Meeting the security requirements set out by financial institutions is no small task but knowing your website files are kept in a data center that meets those demands is comforting to say the least. In addition, we know nothing matters more than reliability so our team of highly trained IT professionals watch over your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ve been called geeks, techies and nerds but we prefer to go by uptime focused.

Manage Everything in One Place

With an all-purpose control panel it’s easy to manage everything about your website from one place, with one login. Keep hosting accounts, email addresses, billing info, and more, organized with automatic renewal so you never risk losing your online presence simply from being confused.

TDWS Cloud Infrastructure

TD Web Services is a unified infrastructure management platform designed for resilience, scale, and easy integration into a service provider’s data center and business. View Our Cloud Infrastructure.

Our Cloud Servers Are Truly Redundant In Every Way

The KVM based hypervisors hosting your servers are connected to a centralized storage system that has redundancy in place at every point to avoid failures.

Resilience, Security, Performance

These cloud based solutions offer a new unmatched level of redundant and automatic healing technologies implemented using the enterprise grade Hybrid virtualization technology of KVM, XEN or VMware.

A Leader In Cloud Computing

TD Web Services is a leader in cloud computing hosting and renown for the quality of the service and support provided.

Custom Hosting Solution

If you are looking for a custom solution for your projects, get in touch with our experts to help you decide the best optimum solution for your business or client. We are available 24/7/365. Chat with us OR request a quote!

Pro-active Monitoring

TDWS Global Monitoring System will help you keep an eye of your website’s visitors and transactions. Make sure you know about hiccups and downtime of your website before your audience and customers! The Accounts on the servers are now being actively monitored across all Geo-locations using TDWS GMS!