TDWS CloudSites

TD Web Services presents CloudSites. A new product that has two major variances and all the tools necessary for you to operate you site easily and securely. Fast and reliable support ensures that your site is always running at top performance. TDWS CloudSites brings together the customer support and personalized services that can’t be matched.

One Product

CloudSites is TD Web Services new product that moves to create an ease in your use, making actions that will affect your whole site with one click, automatic detection of installations and removing manual work. Every effort of automation, syncing or migration placed into your hands, for your convenience. Safe and secure servers enable you to be at ease. Work with Plesk as the primary control panel that optimizes and delivers a full range vision of the server.

Linux Debian

Debian is a favorite of the Linux options being used for development and internet servers. While the various forms of Linux all boast the same open-source functions, Debian 7.0 is preferred for cloud use. Debian provides each CloudSites user with the freedom to monitor and manage the infrastructure of cloud-based websites. Accompanied with an entire community dedicated to support, Debian 7.0 will always be stable and up-to-date. Use Debian 7.0 as your Cloud Operating System with simplistic design and maximum practicality.


Windows is the go-to for many users. The cloud-based Windows is everything that Windows users would expect. This platform delivers a full scale view of systems and tools. Windows offers flexibility in Operating System management and focus on making every aspect as available to the user as possible.

TDWS CloudSites Features

WordPress Management Tools

  • Now you can easily manage and secure all of your WordPress installations from a powerful, mobile-friendly dashboard on your server.
  • No third-party plugin or additional paid service is required.
  • CloudSites will allow you to add, remove, and update plugins and themes for all of your WordPress installations without the need to log in to each account individually.
  • Manage WordPress installations individually or apply changes to all WordPress installations with one click.
  • Scan all of your WordPress sites with Cloud Sites
  • Identify which core installations are at risk and how to secure them.
  • Be confident that every WordPress site on your server is secure.
  • Harden all of your WordPress installations using the security scanner interface.
  • No individual account login or manual work needed.
  • Simply check the items you wish to secure, click submit, and you’re done.
  • Cloud Sites scans your entire server and detects all WordPress installations.
  • Avoid orphaned or abandoned installations that are vulnerable to attack.
  • Migrate existing WordPress sites to your server with confidence.
  • Know the version and security status of every WordPress site on your server.

Plesk Control Panel

  • Reliably stable and fast
  • Simple migration between servers
  • WordPress Tools Add-Onse
  • Utilize to manage files, and applications
  • Security in infrastructure with server protection of numerous online threats
  • Predetermine parameters, an d allocate resources for clients and sites
  • Integrated tools for growth with WordPress

General Features

  • Fully secured servers.
  • One Click Install for all WordPress operations, Themes, and updates through CloudSites
  • Avoids abandoned installations for safety
  • Autonomously changing and adapting to fit your workload
  • Able to make changes 'En Masse' so all of your pages and servers are altered at once
  •  Robustness enabling all sites to operate without being affected of any change through errors or abnormalities
  •  Detects WordPress installations for use
  •  See the security status of individual WordPress sites associated to the server
  •  Identifies and meets the resource-needs your Site requires
  •  Mobile friendly formatting for on-the-go control
Features CS 50 CS 75 CS 100 CS 150
Backups (Local and Remote) Daily Daily Daily Daily
Server Security PCI Compliant PCI Compliant PCI Compliant PCI Compliant
Free SSL Included Included Included Included
Security Scans (Antivirus and Malware) Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly
Uptime Guaranty 99.999% 99.999% 99.999% 99.999%
Storage 50GB 75GB 100GB 150GB
SSD Storage Included Included Included Included
Monthly Bandwidth 1000GB 1500GB 2000GB 3000GB
GigaBit Port Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional Management/Support 2Hrs 2Hrs 2Hrs 2Hrs
Cloud Storage 50GB 50GB 50GB 50GB
Free Domain With Quarterly Subscription With Quarterly Subscription With Monthly Subscription With Monthly Subscription
Price/Month $100 $150 $200 $300
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Monitor your site

TDWS Global Monitoring System will help you keep an eye of your website’s visitors and transactions. Make sure you know about hiccups and downtime of your website before your audience and customers! The Accounts on the servers are now being actively monitored across 10 Geo-locations using TDWS GMS!

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Tools of the Trade

CloudSites focuses around the needs of web hosting through a cloud system. Bringing the tools that are often spread out together in a simple format. Allowing the use of tools and options on desktop-only formats of a website to come into the mobile environment for quick control.

Working with WordPress

Use TD Web Services to manage all WordPress accounts through the CloudSites services, and take control of installations, applying changes, and automatic detection of installations throughout your server. Get rid of the constant monitoring that’s inevitable with manually operating everything.

Our Cloud

Prioritizing on robustness, and speed to give cloud users the fastest and most error-free environment. TD Web Services cloud leads with simplistic design, quality, and flexibility in meeting customer needs. Individualized plans and services so every cloud user can make the most of our services.

TDWS Booster

Boost your speed!

TD Web Services presents TDWS Booster, the service that provides a content distribution and delivery network, sitting between the visitor and the TDWS Booster user’s hosting provider, a reverse proxy, acting as a line of defense for websites against hacks and spam. Its network protects, vastly enhances speed, and improves availability for your website or mobile app.