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Hosted Exchange

TD Web Services Hosted Exchange is a business-class email messaging and collaboration service designed to help your business communicate securely, efficiently and effectively. You will be able to access their emails, address book, task management and documents from different places and through various media. The e-mails are routed to a laptop or mobile phone through push technology. Turn your communications into a strategic asset, manage your shared information and content in one interface – you can connect Windows SharePoint Services documents, calendars, contacts, tasks, and other information to Office Outlook, giving you a central place to manage your information.

24/7/365 Hosted Exchange

  • Always accessible Hosted Exchange
  • Critical customer meetings
  • Up-to-date contact lists
  • 24/7/365 access to hosted email and calendars from any device, anywhere

Secure Hosted Exchange

  • Enterprise-class encryption
  • Reliable regular backups
  • Anti-spam, anti-virus and filtering is a standard feature of Hosted Exchange

Latest releases of Hosted Exchange

  • Keep technology current – we will automatically upgrade your Hosted Exchange to the latest version
  • No need for specialized IT Staff
  • No technical knowledge required

100% Compatible with Outlook

Microsoft designed Exchange is fully compatible with outlook and works impressively well with Lync and Outlook offering an enterprise level sync with mobile devices and Outlook WebApp. This means that you can synchronize your work with your team members all over the world using global address lists, shared calendars and tasks.

Fully managed

  • A fully managed solution – never worry about the security, integrity or delivery of your email again
  • Guaranteed service levels and predictable monthly costs
  • Significantly lower cost of ownership for your messaging and collaboration needs

Productivity boost

  • Boost productivity by providing on-the-go access to synchronized email, calendars and task management
  • Enhanced collaboration through appointment scheduling, shared documents and customer contacts as well as delegated access to email
  • Time-saving full text searches of email, calendar, contacts, documents and tasks on all devices
  • Custom Mailboxes

    Exude professionalism with an email@your-domain. This shows your professionalism and gives confidence to your customers to interact with you.

  • 100 GB Mailboxes

    Large mailboxes ensure your users have the freedom to work without constantly worrying about filling their mailboxes and deleting items.

  • Migration Services

    Our team of experts help you handle migration ensuring your data is in safe hands. We also have migration tutorials within our community page to ensure that you are well equipped to migrate on your own.

  • Premium anti-spam & Anti-virus

    Our top of the range three-layer security protocol keeps your inbox safe.

  • Active Sync compatibility

    Access your email everywhere. Available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets.

  • Exchange Hybrid
  • Outlook Web App (OWA)

    Manage your mail form Chrome, Mozilla, IE, Safari or any other browser seamlessly.

  • Secure encryption

    The SSL encryption ensures that all the data on email is hidden and secure.

  • Backup & retrieval

    Messages in outlook can be recovered within up to 14 days and restoration of a deleted mailbox available within up to 30 Days.

  • Resource Mailboxes

    Email archiving available for only $4 per mailbox per month. This includes unlimited storage and retention.

  • Custom Mailboxes

    Free mailboxes can be created and used for scheduling use of equipment, conference rooms and a variety of other facilities and resources.

  • Active directory

    You can sync your Active directory with your mailboxes to have easy log in and seamless management.

  • Shared contacts

    Via Global Address List (GAL) you can share your contacts company-wide.

  • Outlook Auto-setup

    Using just the username and password, easily set up users’ outlook.

  • iPhone Auto-setup

    iPhone uses can connect their iPhone to their email no help required, just by using their credentials!

  • 50mb attachments

    The standard limit for most providers is 25MB. We offer Double!

  • Public folders

    Collect, organize and share information publicly with our public folders each having 250MB storage.

  • Shared calendar

    Schedule appointments easily by sharing your calendar or viewing others’ calendar.

  • Distribution lists

    Share information with specified groups via our unlimited distribution lists.

  • Notes and Tasks

    Increase productivity with our notes and tasks apps to enable you to stay on top of your priorities.

  • Send-As permissions

    Have an assistant? Allow permissions for another individual to send out or receive email on your behalf.

  • Skype

    Integrated skype instant messaging and video chat with our skype Business. Only $4 per seat per Month.

Admin Features:

  • Admin control Panel

    Centralized management when logged into our Client Area, manage all your TDWS email and App services form one area.

  • 1-click support

    24/7/365 TDWS Expert Support with just a click.

  • Security

    Set permission levels for groups and users, and manage administrators while monitoring all activity.

  • API

    Our REST API integration enables you to access mailboxes, have same sign-on and access administrative controls.

TD Web Services Advantage

Expert Support

Our swift and punctual In-house Expert support will keep your business up and running and all your business communication needs will be handled by seasoned professionals.


In addition to the security Hosted Exchange will offer, our fully managed data centers provide: Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Scans and SSL Encryption for email transmissions, all protection sensitive communication requires.


We offer a guarantee of 99.9% uptime and this is guaranteed in our industry leading SLA. We offer a money back guarantee within our SLA. This is to show our dedication to excellent service.

Cost savings

Our Hosted Exchange saves you money. Your power users enjoy the strong feature set of Exchange, while enjoying the cost saving of off premise hosting. There is up to 95% savings in hosted exchange relative to own hosting.


Rapid Deployment & Scaling

One of the benefits of hosted Exchange is the speed. For example, deploying hosted Exchange requires little more than the modification of an MX record and a change in the configuration of local email clients. Adding new users to an existing hosted Exchange deployment just requires some simple modifications in a Web-based administration tool, making it easy to add or eliminate small numbers of users, or entire business operations, which is particularly important when integrating merged or acquired companies into an Exchange infrastructure.


We at TD Web Services operate very secure physical facilities that include video surveillance capabilities, multiple employee access points using multi-factor authentication, tracking and monitoring tools and other capabilities that protect our customers’ data from being compromised. The security we provide by exceeds the security that their customers could afford to deploy. Our tier 4 data centers are maintained by top of the line experts and we have conditioned rooms where our servers are stored.

Hybrid Solution (Coming Soon!!)

Many organizations will want to maintain at least some part of their Exchange infrastructure in-house. The use of a hosted Exchange provider allows this sort of hybrid solution. For example a corporate headquarters with thousands of users could have Exchange deployed in-house, while remote offices that do not have dedicated IT staff or specialized Exchange expertise could use a hosted solution. This permits all users in the company to have the same experience with Outlook or Entourage and with their mobile devices, while at the same time driving down the cost and complexity of managing Exchange.