1 September 2014

How to decide if a hybrid cloud is best for your business

Hybrid cloud computing is increasingly gaining traction in the business environment. However, as IT professionals sing its praises, business owners who are usually laymen wonder what […]
1 September 2014

Which is better for your business – Traditional hosting or Cloud?

This is a debate which has been raging right from the time when the cloud entered the hosting space. Many professionals swear by the cloud while […]
28 August 2014

Reasons Companies Choose Cloud

Frost and Sullivan, a top research analyst firm has released a study that has taken the world of IT by storm. As per the above study, […]
27 August 2014

Implementing the Appropriate Cloud Solution for Your Business

A great number of businesses are now opting for cloud technology, and the media is reporting on it with great regularity. This has led to there […]
27 August 2014

Customisation Key to Cloud Success

The technology research company Gartner recently predicted that around 50 percent of all businesses will have adopted hybrid cloud technology by the year 2017. This is […]
25 August 2014

Eight Essential Features of WordPress Managed Hosting

WordPress is the most widely used CMS. It is used by amateur bloggers, professionals, large enterprises and e-commerce stores. WordPress is hosted on shared, dedicated and […]
25 August 2014

How to move to a new WordPress host without affecting your files

Moving a WordPress site from one host to another may be influenced by multiple reasons, such as the ability to fully control your domain, full control […]
19 August 2014

Eight Reasons why Neglecting the Cloud will Leave Your Business in the Dust

The cloud is becoming a critical part of the business world. If you’re a small or medium-sized business then the cloud offers you great opportunities in […]
12 August 2014

10 Tips for Hardening a Linux Server

In light of all the complex and specialized attacks on Internet-facing servers, it’s very important to protect your cloud assets from malicious assailants whose sole purpose […]
10 August 2014

How and why to use social media to increase traffic to your website

Social media has an omnipotent presence – you see it everywhere. However, the question still remains as to whether it contributes to traffic to your website […]
10 August 2014

How WhatsApp Can Be Used By Businesses to interact with customers

In case you don’t know what WhatsApp is, it is an instant messaging tool that is easily downloadable to a smartphone, and can be used to […]
10 August 2014

What the “Internet of Things” Means for Small Businesses

The age of the Internet is in full force. This has led to a new phenomenon called the Internet of Things (IoT), which has the capacity […]