7 February 2015

How to Install SSL Certificates

The SSL certificates are useful as they encrypt and thus protect data. This makes them invaluable for organizations or people who have to deal with credit […]
2 February 2015

Installing WordPress on Centos 6

WordPress is an open source tool for website and blogging. This tool operates on php and MySQL and currently includes over 22,000 plug-ins. They enable you […]
1 February 2015

Magento Two Level Caching Systems

The default setting on Magento enables it to use a two level cache backends from the zend framework. This means that the system stores its cache […]
1 February 2015

GHOST: glibc vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235)

A potential security vulnerability was found in the glibc library, which has been assigned CVE-2015-0235 and is commonly referred to as ‘GHOST’. All versions of glibc […]
19 January 2015

The Google Penguin is Back, But Does It Say Anything New?

Google Penguin visits once a year and this is the third appearance. Needless to say that many website owners tremble at the arrival of humble Penguin […]
26 November 2014

Magento Security Tips and Vulnerabilities

In 1960s, that’s when the term hacker came into being and was the first time when the word came into use. The invention of the word was […]
15 October 2014

POODLE: SSLv3.0 vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566)

Google has announced that they have discovered a vulnerability in SSL v3 which has been named as POODLE. This vulnerability in the SSLv3.0 protocol, has been […]
25 September 2014

Things Hosting Providers Love Hyping

Things Hosting Providers Love Hyping (that have no bearing on quality of solution) Interactions with hosting service providers are an inevitability that everyone who intends to […]
19 September 2014

Using WordPress to Create Your Own Website

To understand how you can use WordPress to create your own website it is paramount to understand first what WordPress is. WordPress is considered as one of […]
14 September 2014

Key Elements Of An Effective Website Optimization

Nothing can be more challenging than designing a stylish website that appeals to search engines; yet, it is essential if your website is to generate massive […]
25 August 2014

Eight Essential Features of WordPress Managed Hosting

WordPress is the most widely used CMS. It is used by amateur bloggers, professionals, large enterprises and e-commerce stores. WordPress is hosted on shared, dedicated and […]
9 August 2014

WordPress & Drupal Vulnerability? –  Keep calm and update!

Yesterday, a serious vulnerability in the PHP XML parser used by WordPress and Drupal was announced. After some great collaboration between the core developers of those […]