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With the increase in the technology people have become more advanced and as such bloggers have always had to deal with the issue in ensuring that their blogs are more appealing to the readers so as to ensure that they stay relevant and that they do contain the interest of the public. Technology has seen to the introduction of social media, platforms that are used by billions of people all over the world. These include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest among many others. To ensure that your blog attracts as many people as possible, it is therefore useful to ensure that it is friendly to social media as it is the easiest way of sharing and getting more people to check out the blog. What exactly is Pinterest Pinterest describes itself as a tool that makes it easy for people to collect, to organize and to share the things that they love. Pinterest works in quite a simple way and as such it is not difficult to use. To use it, you simply pin the images that you like to virtual bulletin boards, almost the same way as you would pin magazine cuttings and even photos to a bulletin board […]

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