16 February 2015

10 steps to understanding your IT before moving to cloud

It is a misnomer that cloud computing is perfect for every aspect of a business, or indeed for all businesses. But the overwhelming majority of commercial […]
7 February 2015

Evolution of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is today a basic necessity for most organizations and with the current significance of technology this is only the norm. We can however appreciate […]
7 February 2015

How the Internet of Things will Change Cloud Computing

The Internet of Things (IoT), is a trend that involves the number of devices that are connected to the internet and can thus access information on […]
7 February 2015

Analysis of Various Types of Cloud Computing

Introduction Cloud computing enables companies to create and connect to large pools of organizational databases, thus enabling flexible and convenient access to the organization’s informational resources. […]
26 January 2015

Incredible Cloud Computing Transformations

Looking at cloud computing from where it started few years ago, it is safe to say that it has come a long way. We have witnessed […]
17 January 2015

Top Brands Which Owe Their Success to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been in the scene for a while now. This means that there are organizations that are greatly benefiting from the technology. It all […]
17 January 2015

Cloud Computing Mistakes That Will Cost You $1m Over The Next 10 Years

Cloud computing is an industry which has grown by a huge margin over the last couple of years, and in 2014, it was estimated to be […]
23 December 2014

RightScale Survey Indicates Bright Cloud Future

A recent RightScale survey entitled “Cloud Computing Trends: 2014 State of the Cloud” has indicated that this hugely significant technology has a very bright immediate future […]
16 December 2014

Technology Requirements for Operating Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is increasingly becoming very popular among organizations, and if you look at the latest statistics, it comes hybrid comes at a strong 40% third, […]
16 December 2014

Benefits of Outsourcing Cloud Services Compared To An On-Premise System

Most CIO’s in huge brands will tell you how cloud computing has helped them to go to the next level of cutting operational costs and increasing […]
11 December 2014

Cloud Computing — Separating the Myths from the Truth

Despite all the benefits that are attached to cloud computing, it has always been misunderstood, and this is one of the major reasons why people have […]
11 December 2014

Effective Ways to Get More Out Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a must have ingredient towards the success of every organization. Most organizations have greatly benefited from cloud computing, so much that almost […]