7 December 2014

Biggest Cloud Tech in 2014 and Coming Trends in 2015

2014 was a massive year for cloud computing, one in which the technology truly began to seep into mainstream consciousness. So as the year draws to […]
3 December 2014

Gartner and KPMG Insight: Why Almost 50% World Data will be Held in Cloud

The world’s business ecosystems are being changed by cloud computing. ‘Cloud is poised to change the business arena’ this is according to A report by KPMG […]
3 December 2014

Cloud and How It Will Impact the Broadcast and Entertainment Industry

An overhaul is taking place in the broadcast and entertainment industry since consumers are now demanding oriented content and makers of content have out shined the […]
3 December 2014

Cloud Computing Set To Bring Next Start-Up Boom

Going by the numerous negative economic headlines recently, it is understandable if one assumes that we are stuck in economic hopelessness. Taking another look however one […]
3 December 2014

Truth On The Myths Surrounding The Cloud

According to Gartner Inc. it is expected that cloud computing is surrounded by myths as it is not well understood yet many are talking about it. […]
3 December 2014

Cloud BI and Its Advantages to Your Business

In the quest to maximize growth and revenue generation many companies are harnessing the massive opportunities offered by cloud Business Intelligence (BI) while at the same […]
2 December 2014

What is the role of cloud computing architecture?

In recent times, cloud computing has spread out like a raging bush fire. More and more companies have come to the realization of what they are […]
1 December 2014

Future of the Hybrid Cloud

The debate regarding the future of cloud computing continues to rumble on, and central to this is the notion of whether the private or public cloud […]
14 November 2014

Last coalition in the cloud

During the era where mainframe was the main concept of computing, there were several limitations in the system, especially when it came to the ability of […]
14 November 2014

What changes does the IT organization bring to cloud innovation?

The debate of cloud computing has been ongoing for a long time. However it is still uncertain if it will affect the IT department. A few […]
31 October 2014

Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Sync System Revealed

The position of Microsoft in the modern landscape has been unsure that some time. The software giant has been the largest seller of computer software for […]
31 October 2014

Implementing the Hybrid Cloud Successfully

Many businesses of various sizes are looking to implement the hybrid cloud as part of their everyday operations. But for many, actually carrying this out can […]