23 December 2014

RightScale Survey Indicates Bright Cloud Future

A recent RightScale survey entitled “Cloud Computing Trends: 2014 State of the Cloud” has indicated that this hugely significant technology has a very bright immediate future […]
17 December 2014

Top Five SEO Trends for 2015

Search engine optimization is an ever changing world. When organizations and SEO professionals get used to the rules of the game, they find that new rules […]
16 December 2014

Technology Requirements for Operating Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is increasingly becoming very popular among organizations, and if you look at the latest statistics, it comes hybrid comes at a strong 40% third, […]
16 December 2014

Benefits of Outsourcing Cloud Services Compared To An On-Premise System

Most CIO’s in huge brands will tell you how cloud computing has helped them to go to the next level of cutting operational costs and increasing […]
16 December 2014

How To Control SPAM In Your Organization

I know it is annoying isn’t it? Every time you open your email to check out important messages what you find is a long list of […]
11 December 2014

Cloud Computing — Separating the Myths from the Truth

Despite all the benefits that are attached to cloud computing, it has always been misunderstood, and this is one of the major reasons why people have […]
11 December 2014

Effective Ways to Get More Out Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a must have ingredient towards the success of every organization. Most organizations have greatly benefited from cloud computing, so much that almost […]
7 December 2014

Biggest Cloud Tech in 2014 and Coming Trends in 2015

2014 was a massive year for cloud computing, one in which the technology truly began to seep into mainstream consciousness. So as the year draws to […]
5 December 2014

Planning Ahead For Your Small Business

Everyone has heard the adage, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ in some situation or another. Well this is also very true and vital for […]
3 December 2014

Gartner and KPMG Insight: Why Almost 50% World Data will be Held in Cloud

The world’s business ecosystems are being changed by cloud computing. ‘Cloud is poised to change the business arena’ this is according to A report by KPMG […]
3 December 2014

Cloud and How It Will Impact the Broadcast and Entertainment Industry

An overhaul is taking place in the broadcast and entertainment industry since consumers are now demanding oriented content and makers of content have out shined the […]
3 December 2014

Cloud Computing Set To Bring Next Start-Up Boom

Going by the numerous negative economic headlines recently, it is understandable if one assumes that we are stuck in economic hopelessness. Taking another look however one […]