10 August 2014

What the “Internet of Things” Means for Small Businesses

The age of the Internet is in full force. This has led to a new phenomenon called the Internet of Things (IoT), which has the capacity […]
9 August 2014

6 Reasons Your Company should be Marketing on Facebook

At a first glance, marketing your company on Facebook may seem unclear at best, and a little unprofessional at worst. However, there are some serious advantages […]
9 August 2014

WordPress & Drupal Vulnerability? –  Keep calm and update!

Yesterday, a serious vulnerability in the PHP XML parser used by WordPress and Drupal was announced. After some great collaboration between the core developers of those […]
7 August 2014

E-commerce: Making Money On Your WordPress Site

When it comes to e-commerce, WordPress may be your best option, and even better is when it is equipped with one of our premium themes. Many […]
7 August 2014

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Review

Although WordPress is already an SEO-friendly publishing platform, there is always room for improvement. One of the best free plugins available is the WordPress SEO plugin […]
5 August 2014

Private Cloud Versus Public Cloud

With an embryonic technology such as cloud computing, this is inevitable that different people will have a different take on which particular cloud technology is superior. […]
5 August 2014

The Cloud is an Approach to Computing…Not a New ‘Thing’

The cloud is already having an impact on people’s everyday lives. Whether it’s the reams of data that private consumers are now placing in services such […]
5 August 2014

Mobile Commerce on Hybrid Cloud on the Rise

A perfect storm is currently brewing for mobile commerce. Numerous factors are contributing to this excellent commercial situation for the technology. The first and most obvious […]
5 August 2014

Productize your service business

On the last Lisbon’s WordPress MeetUp I had the pleasure to speak about GOMO‘s strategy to develop premium WordPress Themes and Plugins, in few words, how to […]
3 August 2014

How the use of WordPress will benefit your business

Most websites and blogs are now running on a WordPress-based platform, and this numbers are estimated to increase by a huge margin in the near future. […]
3 August 2014

Making money from an online business?

From the face of it, making money online seems like a simple business. Everyone looks like they are raking in the cash out there. As a […]
31 July 2014

Seven Key Tips to Help Choose E-Commerce Solutions

Choosing an e-commerce platform is one of the most important decisions that any business will make, particularly if they intend for their online store to be […]