22 November 2015

Want to Run Your Own Mail Server? Think Again…

Setting up a domain leads to a need to have a mail server to take over incoming and outgoing mail of your domain. One option would […]
15 November 2015

Integrating Cloud Computing with On-Premises

Cloud computing is a computing model where users can store and access data and programs over the Internet instead of a computer’s hard drive. It involves […]
15 November 2015

Difference between Cloud Computing and SaaS

Cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) are similar technological concepts. Cloud computing is computing based on the internet. It is a model for delivering […]
14 November 2015

Best Backup Practices: Dedicated Server Vs Shared Server

Backup is the procedure of making extra copies of data that can be restored and used in case the original data is lost. It involves copying […]
8 November 2015

Enhance Performance with a Dedicated Server

Companies relying on the Internet need a server to host their websites or web applications or mail servers. The most common option is shared hosting, where […]
28 October 2015

A Money-Mining Botnet hidden in the Clouds of Amazon

It has been a long standing habit for hackers to apply malware to dominate PC’s, however Oscar Salazar and Rob Ragan had a different mindset. They […]
24 September 2015

How 5G will Power the Future Internet of Things

There have been discussions going on regarding the future of wireless connection more so when 5G is introduced. This discussions are mostly centered on how the […]
17 September 2015

Adapting to New Digital World: Is Your Data Strategy Stuck in the Dark Ages?

There are a lot of companies such as McCormick and Nike that are successful with digital strategies which owe their excellence to the constantly reducing cost […]
14 September 2015

What is an SPF Record?

SPF Record SPF stands for (Sender Policy Framework). An SPF record is an outline of all servers permitted to send/dispatch messages from your domain. Essentially, this […]
3 July 2015

TD Web Services Makes On-Demand Cloud Configurations

Liechtenstein, July 02, 2015:  Quality in customer service has always been the primary focus at TD Web Services. Now, the movement to On-Demand cloud configuration is […]
21 June 2015

Enterprise Cloud Computing is Maturing, while Investments in App development is Increasing

The cloud computing label is applied to several technologies and is laden with vendor and industry hype yet we must acknowledge there is something to it. […]
20 June 2015

OpenStack Acquisitions: IBM Buys Blue Box

Blue box has met Big blue. Blue box is a unique OpenStack company that offers Private cloud as a service. Blue Box took it upon themselves […]