19 August 2014

Cloud to be dominant force by 2020

Cloud computing is still very much a growing technology, even though many of us now utilise cloud-based services on a daily basis. However, recent research has […]
12 August 2014

10 Tips for Hardening a Linux Server

In light of all the complex and specialized attacks on Internet-facing servers, it’s very important to protect your cloud assets from malicious assailants whose sole purpose […]
10 August 2014

How and why to use social media to increase traffic to your website

Social media has an omnipotent presence – you see it everywhere. However, the question still remains as to whether it contributes to traffic to your website […]
10 August 2014

How WhatsApp Can Be Used By Businesses to interact with customers

In case you don’t know what WhatsApp is, it is an instant messaging tool that is easily downloadable to a smartphone, and can be used to […]
10 August 2014

What the “Internet of Things” Means for Small Businesses

The age of the Internet is in full force. This has led to a new phenomenon called the Internet of Things (IoT), which has the capacity […]
9 August 2014

6 Reasons Your Company should be Marketing on Facebook

At a first glance, marketing your company on Facebook may seem unclear at best, and a little unprofessional at worst. However, there are some serious advantages […]
9 August 2014

WordPress & Drupal Vulnerability? –  Keep calm and update!

Yesterday, a serious vulnerability in the PHP XML parser used by WordPress and Drupal was announced. After some great collaboration between the core developers of those […]
7 August 2014

E-commerce: Making Money On Your WordPress Site

When it comes to e-commerce, WordPress may be your best option, and even better is when it is equipped with one of our premium themes. Many […]
7 August 2014

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Review

Although WordPress is already an SEO-friendly publishing platform, there is always room for improvement. One of the best free plugins available is the WordPress SEO plugin […]
5 August 2014

Private Cloud Versus Public Cloud

With an embryonic technology such as cloud computing, this is inevitable that different people will have a different take on which particular cloud technology is superior. […]
5 August 2014

The Cloud is an Approach to Computing…Not a New ‘Thing’

The cloud is already having an impact on people’s everyday lives. Whether it’s the reams of data that private consumers are now placing in services such […]
5 August 2014

Mobile Commerce on Hybrid Cloud on the Rise

A perfect storm is currently brewing for mobile commerce. Numerous factors are contributing to this excellent commercial situation for the technology. The first and most obvious […]